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Foundation Work

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Equine Touch Practitioner & Instructor

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Learn how to work with your horse, with softness and feel.

Build a lasting relationship with your horse, based on trust and acceptance.

Overcome problems like bracing, pulling away, shying, napping, bucking.

Develop a harmony with your horse on the ground and in the saddle.

Based at Roxwell, near Chelmsford in Essex for mant years, I have now moved to rural Norfolk, close to Attleborough.  Although I return regularly to Essex to see horse and human clients, Norfolk is now my main base and is where the majority of courses are held, I am happy to help horses and their people anywhere as long as it is practical to reach them, so if you think I might be able to help, please get in touch.


Lessons are offered by the hour, they may be private or shared.  You may want to work on specific issues with your horse or have guidance in your horsemanship programme.

Lessons are charged at an hourly rate plus a mileage charge.

Private Lesson

Shared Lesson

1 hour



2 hours



3 hours



Full day (5 hours)



All prices are per person

Learning to engage the horse’s mind takes much more mental than physical energy from the horse and rider.  One hour of tuition passes very quickly, so two or three hours is realistic and recommended when getting started.



A great way to have fun and learn from other people and other horses.  Get together with like-minded people and spend one or two days exploring new dimensions of horsemanship.  Realise the potential of your horse when he starts to truly work with you, or at least understand why he may be resisting, is impulsive or gets emotional.

Organise your friends, hire a venue and invest some time in your horsemanship. (An indoor facility is not essential but it may be preferable for your comfort during the winter months.)  For 2-6 people.


Bodywork - Equine Touch & VHT (human)

Soft tissue bodywork can unlock blocks and resistances in the body and help it move towards well-being.  It can be very effective on its own to help reduce pain, release tight muscles, encourage balance and symmetry but when combined with effect ground and ridden work it can be part of a complete body and posture approach for the horse - and for the human!

Body balancing sessions - £40 horse or human.  Mileage may apply.


Trailer Loading

Is your horse fearful of travelling or maybe he just doesn’t feel like getting into the trailer?

I will assess the situation and work towards helping your horse get itno the trailer in a relaxed and confident manner.  There may be some issues that will require some on going work by yourself to truely resolve the issue for the long term. 

For this reason it is best to discuss the options and length of session on an idividual basis.



Foundation Work

Invest in a solid foundation so that your horse can easily go on to perform in his chosen career, be that a safe hack or a top competition horse.

I will work with your horse to help him to tune in mentally and to move his feet with softness and feel.

Arrangements by negotiation


Problem Solving

Owning a horse should be fun and rewarding.  Unfortunately it often turns out to be frustrating and at times dangerous.

Does your horse have behaviours you would rather he did not have?  Does he nap, shy, buck or pull away?  By reading your horse, I can try and understand why he feels he has to do these things, and will try and help him find a better way.

Arrangements by negotiation


Equine Touch Practitioner and Instructor

A gentle non invasive form of bodywork, evolved to reduce the pain spiral and guide the horse towards balance and optimum functionality. Described by leading vets as “the ultimate hands on modality for horses”.

Equine Touch helps horses get release physically from tensions, imbalance and blockages.  As horse behaviour issues often stem from current or remembered pain, either physical or emotional, Equine Touch compliments the holistic and Natural Horsemanship approach to help horses through these issues.  More details click here.

Contact Kate for more information on an Equine Touch Body Balancing session.

Deep relaxation after Equine Touch bodywork


VHT Human bodywork Practitioner and Instructor

Vibro Muscular Harmonisation Technique (VHT) is the human form of Equine Touch.  Soft tissue bodywork to rebalance the body as a whole on a mental, emotional and physical level.  Complete realignment of the body is possible but a series of sessions may be required. 

Relief from many issues such as back ache, sore shoulder, stiff neck, painful knees, RSI injuries, heachaches, tennis/golfers elbow, IBS, stress and more may be possible.


Gift Vouchers

A gift with a difference - vouchers are available for you to give to someone.  Choose from a Horsemanship visit (maybe they want to see what it is all about) or an Equine Touch session.  Contact Kate for more detials.

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