Learn The Equine Touch - Norfolk Course Dates

A non-diagnostic, non-invasive, gentle hands-on energy and muscle release discipline that works at a complete, holistic level

Courses to learn how to work on horses and on humans, the same priniciples apply.

The Intermediate Clinic - Equine Touch Level 2.  Attleborough, Norfolk

Fri 28 - Sun 30 July 2023.  £375

VHT Review/OPD. All VHT Students welcome.  Attleborough, Norfolk

Thurs 3 August 2023.

ET & More with Ivana Ruddock-Lange.  Attleborough, Norfolk

Mon 25 - Tues 26 September 2023.

IETA ET Review/OPD.  IETA ET Students welcome.  Roxwell, Essex

Fri 6 October 2023.

VHT Review/OPD. All VHT Students welcome.  Attleborough, Norfolk

Fri 11 October 2023.

Human Course - VHT Unit 1.  Attleborough, Norfolk

Wed 25 - Thur 26 October 2023.   £275

The Advanced Clinic - EquineTouch Level 3.  Attleborough, Norfolk

Fri 23 - Sat 24 February 2024.  £280

Human Course - VHT Unit 1.  Attleborough, Norfolk

Sat 2 - Sun 3 March 2024.   £275

The Foundation Clinic - Equine Touch Level 1.  Attleborough, Norfolk

Fri 8 - Sun 10 March 2024.  £360


Courses are subject to availability and require a minimum number of students to run. ET Foundation is the same syllabus for the 3 Day and 2+2 Day options.

Click here for full details of The Equine Touch and content of these courses.

The above courses are held at Little Ellingham near Attleborough, Norfolk or Roxwell near Chelmsford, Essex.  If you cannot make a course at either of these places but you can get together four interested people in your area, talk to me.  It may be possible to bring a course to you.  

For booking or more information please contact Kate by email or call 07779 938735.



Tai Chi For Riders - Ride from Within

with James Shaw

Clinic at Roxwell, Chelmsford, Essex

Sat 21 - Sun 22 July 2018


James Shaw combines the mechanics of how the human and equine bodies were designed to move with the bio-mechanics of martial arts to create his unique Tai Chi for Equestrians programme.  His classes and exercises are designed to teach riders to connect their physical and mental energy - what he calls "training from the inside out."

Jame’s unique approach can break your equestrian "glass ceiling" and take you to the next level.  Using dismounted Tai Chi sessions and learning to feel imbalance and tightness in your body, James will help you improve your body control and awareness. 

In mounted sessions, learn how this body control - feel, balance, breathing and energy from within, can really influence your horse.  You achieve a correct, secure position and your horses becomes softer, lighter and more responsive.

  • Dismounted Participant—Full participation in Tai Chi morning workshop learning movement exercises and breathing techniques.  Watch and learnfrom the ridden classes in the afternoon.                                      £70 per day
  • Mounted Participant—In addition to the full morning Tai Chi workshop, riders will put these techniques into practice in a one hour ridden session in the afternoon and also learn by watching other riders.                                           £140 per day

9am for 9.30am start.  Participation both days recommended, limited stabling available.  5pm approximate finish.

All places are limited.  Contact Kate on 07779 938735 or kate@kateprowse.co.uk for booking or details. See www.ridefromwithin.com for more information on James.

Next clinic/provisional date  - 27-28 April 2019

Details will be confirmed shortly but please register your interest with Kate if you might want to attend as a rider or a spectator.



Equine Chiropractic Surgery

December 2018

Dr Dave Siemens will be visiting Essex at Roxwell near Chelmsford.

If your horse is struggling with his performance or if you would just like to take this opportunity for your horse to have a chiropractic check, contact Kate by email or on 07779 938735 for an appointment.

Owners who have had their horses treated by Dave have given excellent feedback.  Dave is as interested in working with the mind and awareness of the horse as he is with its body, which gives rise to exceptional results.  

Soft tissue bodywork like Equine Touch Body Balancing compliments chiropractic work very well, often helping to make the chiropractic adjustments easier to achieve and to have a more lasting effect. Please contact Kate by email or on 07779 938735 if you would like some more information on The Equine Touch.

Please note that owners should get permission from their Vet for any form of therapy or treatment to be performed on their horse.

Dr Dave Siemens is keen to educate people on how to keep their horses healthy and in peak performance.  Certified in the Zahourek System, he teaches licensed vets and chiropractors at Postgraduate level.

Click here for more information on Dr Dave Siemens and his lectures




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