‘Helping horses by

educating humans’

Equine Touch Case Study



The dentist made his routine visit to a horse on my yard.  Whilst he worked with Molly, he commented to her owner how extraordinarily large he thought the muscles in her poll area were.  They were tight and stood up behind her ears like two sausages running down her neck.  Although she did not seem unduly troubled by the muscles, Molly did to have a very high head carriage and was inclined to be easily distracted and get tight and fidgety. 

Molly’s owner discussed this with me and we decided to offer Molly an Equine Touch Body Balance. 

Immediately before the Equine Touch Body Balance


High head position, dipped back, shoulders leaning forward and enlarged muscles behind the ears                                      

20 March 2007

Molly took in the Basic Body Balance and some moves on the head and in the poll area.  At times she was concentrating hard and at others she was more concerned about everything else that was going on around her.

I next saw Molly a couple of days later and the change in the size and texture of the muscles was really noticeable.  They had reduced in size and looked more normal and they also felt soft.  Her whole body seemed softer and she stood in a more relaxed manner with better posture.  Her head was in a lower and more natural position and she was generally more chilled out.   This continued to improve over the following days.

No further work was done on Molly at that time, but the change her posture and in the shape of those muscles could easily be seen.  These photos were taken some six weeks later and clearly show and change in Molly after only one Body Balance.

A softer, more relaxed Molly







Lower head position, straighter back, standing more upright over the shoulder and soft, flat muscles behind the ears.                                                   

4 May 2007

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